Life Off the Station


I remember Philip (or Rosie’s dad as I knew him). I seem to recall that amongst all the other things, he had a hand in TV repairs, and also being particularly impressed with a fairly large calibre bolt-action rifle he had. He gave me two bullets (presumably not live) which I later took to Chaucer infants school. It was found necessary to poke fellow pupil Arthur Butler with one of these items, and consequently they were confiscated by teacher Mrs. James. The promise of their return at the end of term was never realised. Shame.
Wasn’t there also a dog (Trixie). It used to bolt for my older brother Gary whenever he went past the Healy’s house on his motorbike. At least until the unfortunate Trixie went for a rotatonal ride with the front wheel. Not so keen to chase after that I recall.

Best Regards, Joseph Henshaw